Comment 8 for bug 11040

> About #4508 why not just putting the window in the app list only, you don't need
> to keep the dialog on screen.

Hiding a problem is not fixing it :o)

> BTW you say that's a very easy bug to fix, patches are welcome :)

He he, yes, I wish I had the skills and time to fix all th ebugs I find, sadly I
am "just" a user ;o)
I said it "looked" easy, because it's not really a bug is it, it's just a slight
UI change. I mean there is obviously mechanisms in Totem that allow to control
the size of the window (x1, x2 etc) an deven re'size it automatically when you
play a video file, and you can even play strange visaul effects in it, when
playing audio only files. So I thought, hiding the windo altogether can't be
that hard, comapred to fixing "real" bugs, that require time identify/locate,
and lots of skills to fix.
But I fully understand that what looks like simple things to the user, are
sometimes actually much difficult to code than it looks. SO maybe my "bug" falls
in this category !?