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jmz (jmzb) wrote :

Hey Zoltan thank you very much for the instructions.

I also agree that Ubuntu should continue to support Tomcat9 on JDK8 for the same reason. With Debain it is less clear as they do not provided a JDK8 package in the official repositories any more, so I understand their reasoning.

As a side note, I would like to say that Debain Bullseye (stable) currently ships with libeclipse-jdt-core-java 4.18 (, which appears to be compiled for Java 8.

I have just successfully installed a Java 8 only tomcat9 web application on Debian Bullseye by installing JRE8 using the third party Adoptium repository to install temurin-8-jdk (see

Obviously this does not solve the issue in regards to Ubuntu but I thought the information may be useful to some. It is unfortunate that this workaround will no longer be possible for the next major Debian release.