Comment 1 for bug 1890406

Paride Legovini (paride) wrote :

Hello and thanks for this bug report. I am able to reproduce the issue, which interestingly is not present in Groovy. I installed tmux 3.1b-1 from Groovy on a Focal system and it *does* set the utmp entries, so something must have changed between tmux 3.0a-2 and 3.1b-1. I had a look at the Ubuntu (= Debian) changelog and at the upstream commit history. Focal tmux (3.0a-2) correctly detected the utempter library [1]:

checking utempter.h usability... yes
checking utempter.h presence... yes
checking for utempter.h... yes
checking for library containing utempter_add_record... -lutempter

so that's not the issue. I'm marking this as Triaged for Focal and Fix Released for Groovy, but in order to push this forward we must identify the root cause of the issue, then we'll be able to evaluate the possibility of a SRU.

Debian doesn't not ship tmux 3.0a-2 anymore, so I don't think it's worth filing a bug in Debian even if tmux is a sync.