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Bug #1714518: GTK+3 doesn't show FUSE/GVFS, smb (SMB/CIFS), sftp (SFTP/SSH) network shares in file chooser Undecided New 5 weeks

From: Colin Leroy
Link: gtk+3.0_3.22.26-2ubuntu1.1.debdiff

Debdiff patch to backport the fix from GNOME's git.

Bug #957922: Thunderbird's messaging menu highlight helps some people but not many Low Confirmed 290 weeks

From: Tom Jaeger
Link: messaging-menu-case.debdiff


Bug #623844: lockpref not honored in /etc/thunderbird/pref/thunderbird.js Wishlist New 343 weeks
Bug #18995: Firefox should use the GNOME application chooser Undecided Confirmed 461 weeks

From: Coren
Link: force-system-integration-with-xdg-open.patch


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