Comment 40 for bug 940631

Sorry for cross-posting (584014)
Hi there,
Am experiencing similar problem.
TB 52.1.1. Release update channel, I update within a few days of being prompted. Three add-ons: Lightning, Provider for Google Calendar, Dictionnaire fran├žais "classique".
TB is configured for four addresses. I get four Master password prompts each time I launch TB. The prompts appear in the same position rapidly one after the other. I type the pw in the prompt that has the focus (i.e. the last one to show). Weirdly, the correct pwd is refused, the prompt comes up again and when I type the correct pwd a second time it's accepted. The other three prompts can then be closed using Esc.
This started happening a couple of months ago (probably after an update but I couldn't sware to that!) A bit of a bind. I use hibernation extensively, which minimizes the problem since I often only have to relaunch TB after an update.
I tried changing the pwd but that didn't help.