Comment 25 for bug 545778

I might be proven wrong, but why don't you just quit trying to hunt the extensions (aka add-ons) of Thunderbird (and Firefox, btw)?

It's much more reliable, much more user-friendly to not handle add-ons for those products at all in the package management system, when handling is not done in a timely fashion. And it is never - neither on Debian, nor on Ubuntu, as we see in this case.

Given that this bug derives(ok...) from 2010, it is nothing more than kind of ridiculous to even discuss it in 2012(!). Easy to fix, but noone willing/free to do: Let it be, hm?

So, give up trying to keep up with add-ons in TB or FF, you would not succeed, as history tells.

If you do, I myself would no longer notice it on my desktop, as I switched to XFCE from the U-style some time ago.

Have a nice day,