Comment 18 for bug 151162

John Vivirito (gnomefreak) wrote :

When you say up-to-date what version do you mean?
Please dont mark mozilla bugs as confirmed. If you think it should be set to confirmed please add the tag mt-confirm
I have outlined this in our wiki for bug states but it needs to be revised to state it instead of outlined.
Is this IMAP or POP3 or hav eyou tested with botha nd both show same issue.
Can you please try with a brand new profile to see if you can reproduce this issue.
Im having a thunderbird issue atm so i cant test until i fix it but will test on POP3 sometime by the middle of next week but most likely by monday. If i can confirm this i will mark it as confirmed.
HAve you seen this on the upstream bugtracker for Mozilla? Im thinking this is intended that drag and drop is disabled but need to find out first :)

Im not sure if the following is controled by Thunderbird but rather X. Can you please file this bug upstream at Once filed can you please post the link on this bug report, Please post the link that has a bugnumber in the URL to do this once you have filed it you will see URL doesnt have bugnumber in it please click on the bug number in the bug and it should than spawn page with bug number in URL.