Comment 131 for bug 151162

Uwe Dulz (uwe.dulz) wrote :

Yes, while dragging under Ubuntu 11.10 just a .desktop file is created, referring to an IMAP link. This is of course useless because even if the system would know how to access IMAP links there are no login credentials provided.
Anything else but link creation does not work at all.
I consider this critical.
BTW, drag-and-drop within thunderbird works nicely, and when doubleclicking a file gets correctly copied to /tmp and opened. For drag-and-drop to nautilus or anywhere else this should just go a step further, providing the link to the /tmp location of the file, then leaving the rest up to the system.

For the records, the contents of a .desktop files looks like this (confident content replaced):

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Verknüpfung mit [filename]

I desperately hope this gets fixed anytime soon.