Comment 43 for bug 120672

(In reply to comment #25)
> (In reply to comment #24)
> > I just noticed that this DOESN'T delete the junk mail. It only moves it into the
> > Trash folder so you still have to empty the trash folder. So its good, not
> > great. :-)
> If you go to the options of the extension you can tell it to bypass the trash.

Personally I'd prefer this behaviour (Move to trash per default and a (hidden?) pref to bypass the trash). I suppose, that most people expect, that eMails are always moved to the trash before finally deleting them from the trash.

An 'Empty this folder' context menu entry for all folders is not necessary. It would just useless clutter and may confuse people. Junk is something, like a secondary trash folder im my eyes.

  Christian Stadler