Comment 0 for bug 119358

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The New Account Wizard does not allow to set up IMAP-SSL server.

This problem may seem as something cosmetic for a single user application (just
go to Tools/Account Settings, prefs.js and fix it), but it is nearly a
showstopper for a multi-user deployment. I am working on a site with up to
several hundred users now. The site OS are Redhat Linux and Solaris 9.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Run a new installation of Thunderbird. A new account wizard (inherited from
mailnews) pops up.
2. Set up incoming server type as IMAP and incoming server as your-server.ip
3. Complete the wizard.

Actual Results:
Thunderbird assumes that a server is non-SSL and defaults to port 143.
A few unacceptable things happen:
1. A password is prompted. My presumption if user enters password, it will be
sent unencrypted via the network. BAD IDEA.
2. The server will not validate the logon (the server is supposed to tell client
that no connections are accepted on port 143).
3. A user gets an error message that the password is wrong. An error message
itself is quite misleading.

Expected Results:
Allow to set up SSL type of the incoming server.