Comment 26 for bug 880533

(In reply to Harald Judt from comment #11)
> Is this still an issue? If it is, please reopen.

Yes, it is. Thunar build from git (afe91e9).

As Thaddaeus Tintenfisch said in #10, it works fine, *if* xfdesktop is configured to show the trash icon on the desktop. For all desktop configurations not enabling the desktop trash icon, thunar shows always an empty trash on startup after a fresh login. So do all further thunar instances started later. To get the correct status, one must delete a file/folder or close all open thunar windows. The next thunar window will then show the correct status.

Btw. my workaround for this issue is to create a autostart entry calling "gvfs-ls trash > /dev/null". So my guess is, that calling "gvfs-ls trash" initializes something thunar is relying on to determine the trash status.