Comment 6 for bug 1311926

Angger B. Pinasti (anggerbp) wrote :

same as #3 kind of... better but not fixed. it has 10% chance, and we got no clue visually wether this 10% is trigered or not (we don't want to always see the file properties before we do something with the file, do we?). I have mistakenly delete wrong important file for few times because of this.

Also I experienced the chance is bigger if the file size is bigger, and I let the window open when editing the file. i.e, big png/gimp and big svg/inkscape. After saving, visually the file position wasn't changed, but in fact it's not the right file.

Also kind of wondering what was those refresh button for? :) Because if I go to the parent folder and entering the corresponding folder again, the representation get updated, just like the refresh button should do...