Comment 4 for bug 1206145

Joshua Bell (eages) wrote :

I've experienced the same issue with my RAID1 mounts on Ubuntu Server 13.04. Two instances of Thunar are started, I view separate directories of the RAID partition in each window. On several occasions, Thunar crashes without user notification, then the DM session restarts without warning, potentially losing data. I've not associated the Thunar crash with any particular action, it seems to spontaneously fail when I happen to be viewing the RAID partition.

dmesg dump:
[ 4464.572006] show_signal_msg: 36 callbacks suppressed
[ 4464.572011] Thunar[2167]: segfault at 20 ip 00007fb21cecad42 sp 00007ffff1a1ac48 error 4 in thunar[7fb21ce8f000+b2000]
[ 4475.324529] xfce4-session[2160]: segfault at ffffffff00000000 ip 00007f1abe3f0f7f sp 00007fffef327aa0 error 5 in[7f1abe38d000+f9000]

I've never seen the problem with the same xfce4 setup before but the RAID and associated drives are new so I can't rule out a hardware/kernel driver issue.