Comment 11 for bug 58498

Andrea Gamba (andrea-gamba) wrote :

Maple is not listed anymore in the session list, but a session may be opened by chosing "other" and "maple". At the beginning did'nt work for me, but then I discovered the reason: the tm_maple script does "which maple" and could not find maple because I had it installed in /usr/local/maple9.5. I fixed this by making a link to /usr/bin. So it was essentially my fault, but I am citing this because it may happen to other people too, since Maple likes to install itself in that kind of locations.

Actually, that was also the reason of Maple not appearing in the session list (in Feisty it was found anyway, probably the script looked explicitly in /usr/local/maple9.5, it would be good to have it still working that way).

The other problem, cited in, has been fixed in Gutsy, the needed file is now in src.9.

So things are working now with Maple, it just has to be discoverable by the command "which maple", which is reasonable.