sysvinit 2.93-8ubuntu1 source package in Ubuntu


sysvinit (2.93-8ubuntu1) eoan; urgency=low

  * Merge from Debian unstable.  Remaining changes:
    - When building for Ubuntu, skip all binaries except for sysvinit-utils.
    - Make mountpoint.c compile with new glibc.

sysvinit (2.93-8) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Return alternative dependency on file-rc for convenience of
    stretch -> bustern upgrade for file-rc users.

sysvinit (2.93-6) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Remove state files of `brightness' script on purge
    + Thanks: Thorsten Glaser <email address hidden>

sysvinit (2.93-5) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Update standards version to 4.3.0 (no changes needed)
  * Add forgotten credit for `backlight' initscript

sysvinit (2.93-4) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Drop unneeded `40_multiarch_libcrypt.patch': upstream Makefile
    correctly supplies -lcrypt flag by itself.
  * Make debian/upstream/signing-key.asc minimal
  * Check for presence of backlight-related virtual files in `brightness'
    initscript (Closes: #918966)
    + Thanks: Thorsten Glaser <email address hidden>
  * Make /run/shm symlink to /dev/shm, not other way around (Closes: #851427)
    + Thanks: Dolphin Oracle <email address hidden>
  * Replace `debian/deps-mount' script with more straightforward dependency
    on `mount [linux-any]'.
  * Move {rc, rcS} scripts from /usr/libexec to /lib for convenience of
    non-users of initramfs.
  * Drop per-binary-package copyright files, superseded by dep5

sysvinit (2.93-3) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Make initscripts gracefully handle missing logsave(8) (Closes: #901289)
  * Correctly umount block devices, mounted under /run (Closes: #917139)
  * Remove obsolete `/etc/init.d/motd' (Closes: #915051)
  * Update path to `nologin' file in `' script (Closes: #743743)
  * Fix mounting of /proc on Hurd (Closes: #814735)
  * Fix /sbin/poweroff alternative on Hurd (Closes: #825975)
  * Use forced fsck in only if it is supported (Closes: #686895)
  * Simplify call to ischroot(1) in `sysvinit-core.postinst'
  * Update Dutch translation of debconf templates (Closes: #917419)
    + Thanks: Frans Spiesschaert <email address hidden>
  * Move /etc/init.d/{rc,rcS} scripts out of /etc, retaining
    symbolic link for compatibility (Closes: #132542)
  * Do not mount gfs, ocfs2 and gfs2 in script (Closes: #504748)
  * Specify pidfile option to `status_of_proc' function in `init-d-script'
    (Closes: #822674)
  * Add initscript to save and restore backlight brightness (Closes: #746221)

sysvinit (2.93-2) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Update German translation of debconf templates (Closes: #915159)
    + Thanks: Chris Leick <email address hidden>
  * Fix support of /tmp being symbolic link to non-existent directory
    (Closes: #915671)
    + Thanks: Serge Belyshev <email address hidden>
    + Thanks: Thorsten Glaser <email address hidden>
  * Invoke top-level upstream Makefile from `debian/rules'. This
    way VERSION macro is set correctly in source code.
  * Update French translation of debconf templates (Closes: #916624)
    + Thanks: Steve Petruzzello <email address hidden>
  * Remove misleading commends in `/etc/init.d/rc' (Closes: #717356)
    + Thanks: Алексей Шилин <email address hidden>
  * Disable concurrent boot if kernel boot parameter `concurrency=none'
    is present (Closes: #725970)
  * Re-introduce support for /etc/boot.d directory with scripts
    (Closes: #546401)
  * Fix bug number typo in changelog (Closes: #823660)
  * Do not mask errors in `init-d-script' (Closes: #822753)

sysvinit (2.93-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release (Closes: #914494)

sysvinit (2.92~beta-2) unstable; urgency=medium

  [ Ben Hutchings ]
  * Restore umount at shutdown of filesystems mounted before /usr
    (Closes: #872039).  Thanks to Elrond for this patch.

  [ Dmitry Bogaotv ]
  * Fix typo in `/etc/init.d/' (Closes: #914432)
    + Thanks: Jörg-Volker Peetz <email address hidden>

sysvinit (2.92~beta-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  [ Vincenzo (KatolaZ) Nicosia ]
  * New upstream release (Closes: #725123, #571590, #815839)
    (Closes: #905245, #890478, #402847, #717531, #590895, #630661)
    (Closes: #719273, #361935, #614893, #375274)
  * Refresh patches

  [ Benda Xu ]
  * Provide an example for running inside systemd-nspawn (Closes: #799329).

  [ Dmitry Bogatov ]
  * Upload to unstable
  * Adjust `debian/watch' to translate `-beta' suffix into `~beta'.
  * Remove redundant `/etc/init.d/motd' (Closes: #735521)
  * Pass `--force' option to `sulogin' program, enabling maintenance
    in single mode on systems, where `root' user is disabled. (Closes: #823660)

sysvinit (2.91-1) experimental; urgency=medium

  [ Dmitry Bogatov ]
  * Revert changes, that removed `Uploaders' field
  * Make Vcs-* fields to point to debian/ repository
  * Revert changes to LSB headers that introduced breakages
    (Thanks: Andreas Henriksson)
  * Add lintian overrides for warnings about LSB headers
  * Update debian/copyright since `start-stop-daemon.c'
    is no longer provided by upstream.
  * Update `debian/watch' to check PGP signature
  * Change mailing field in `Maintainer' field
  * Support GNU/kFreeBSD-specific UFS filesystem in `' script
    (Closes: #764662)
    + Thanks: Steven Chamberlain <email address hidden>
  * wrap-and-sort -sta (Closes: #774179)
  * Update example script in init-d-script(5) to work correctly on Debian
    GNU/kFreeBSD (Closes: #913247)
  * Remove `/etc/init.d/skeleton' from bin:initscripts, which is superseded
    by init-d-script(5) (Closes: #913154, #810229, #507868, #578827)
  * Remove alternative dependency on `file-rc', which is removed from Archives.
    (Closes: #911044)
  * Do not attempt to set hostname to value, just returned by hostname(1)
    in `/etc/init.d/' (Closes: #628140)
  * Simplify `/etc/init.d/' script, since output of hostname(1)
    is never empty.
  * Remove compressed logs on purge of `bootlogd' (Closes: #724712)
  * Fix whitespace errors in scripts.
  * Minor cleanup of `/etc/init.d/bootlogd' (Closes: #538334)
  * Fix misleading desciption of `PIDFILE' variable in init-d-script(5)
    (Closes: #822654)

  [ Vincenzo (KatolaZ) Nicosia ]
  * New upstream release (Closes: #515595, #890041, #463771)
  * Refreshed patches
  * Add Vincenzo Nicosia to uploaders
  * Update list of copyright holders of debian/* files
  * Remove unnecessary patches

  [ Boyuan Yang ]
  * Remove sysv-rc's suggestion to bum, this package has
    been removed from the archive.

  [ Benda Xu ]
  * Select patches from Cristian Ionescu-Idbohrn (Closes: #699087).
  * Revert 7f0c9952b, swap is handled in (Closes: #619869).
  * Provide a USB console example in inittab (Closes: #477656).

sysvinit (2.88dsf-60) experimental; urgency=medium

  * New maintainer (Closes: #811377)
  * Update debian/gbp.conf
  * Replace deprecated priority 'extra' with 'optional'
  * Fix whitespace errors in `debian/changelog'
  * Update Vcs-* fields in `debian/control'
  * Update standards version to 4.2.1 (no changes needed)
  * Convert `debian/copyright' to dep-5 format
  * Bump compat version to 11 (no changes needed)
  * Clean-up unused lintian overrides
  * Remove unused debconf template
  * Declare missing dependency on $local_fs in init scripts
  * Remove virtual dependency $all from all scripts, except rc.local
  * Add lintian overrides about scripts not being registered with
    `update-rc.d'. Actually, they are registered with hand-written
    code in `postrm' scripts

sysvinit (2.88dsf-59.11) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Non-maintainer upload.

  [ Mert Dirik ]
  * Make sure that services using init-d-script can be properly
    redirected to systemctl. (Closes: #826214)
  * Avoid naming collisions when storing the script name in init-d-script
    by using a custom prefix.

 -- Steve Langasek <email address hidden>  Mon, 29 Apr 2019 22:02:02 -0700

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Binary packages built by this source

sysvinit-utils: System-V-like utilities

 This package contains the important System-V-like utilities.
 Specifically, this package includes:
 killall5, pidof

sysvinit-utils-dbgsym: debug symbols for sysvinit-utils