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Bug #1605290: Please add --system to initctl calls from service Undecided New 357 weeks
Bug #1563658: two typos in /etc/init.d/skeleton Low Triaged 374 weeks
Bug #991997: Wrong comment in /etc/default/halt: Default behavior of "halt" changed to halt only instead of powering off Undecided Confirmed 431 weeks
Bug #224477: /usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d calls /sbin/runlevel without DEPENDSing upstart Undecided Confirmed 547 weeks
Bug #1000298: /etc/motd.tail is silently removed on upgrade of initscripts Medium Triaged 576 weeks
Bug #415805: sulogin on serial Undecided New 719 weeks
Bug #357980: PS3: Handle swap on ps3vram automatically on boot Undecided New 737 weeks
Bug #303074: [intrepid] /etc/init.d/rc level parsing is fragile Undecided New 756 weeks
Bug #145523: umountnfs should umount dependent dirs Wishlist Confirmed 817 weeks
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