Comment 14 for bug 35004

Scott, can you point in-kernel documentation to me which says that usbfs is deprecated? I cannot find any document saying that, and for VMware purposes /dev/bus/usb does not replace /proc/bus/usb - /proc/bus/usb/devices on which we rely on for providing plugin/removal notifications is not present in /dev/bus/usb, and all alternative approaches we've tried (hacky replacing system-wide hotplug script, trying inotify/dnotify on sysfs, registering for netlink hardware updates) either do not work at all, or do work only on small subset of kernels we (VMware) support.

So I would appreciate if you can recommend another interface which allows us to get notified when USB device is plugged in or removed - preferrably one which will work with older distros as well, and definitely one you are keeping maintained for period of time simillar to /proc/bus/usb (that is, 4 years at minimum).

Thanks, Petr Vandrovec