systemd 241-7ubuntu1 source package in Ubuntu


systemd (241-7ubuntu1) eoan; urgency=medium

  * Merge from unstable
    - Dropped changes:
      * debian/tests: Switch to gdm
        - debian/tests/boot-and-services
        - debian/tests/control
      * Cherrypick proposed patch to fix LinkLocalAddressing post-unify-MTU settings.
        File: debian/patches/networkd-honour-LinkLocalAddressing.patch
      * Import patches to support PPC64LE qemu based testing.
        - debian/tests/control
        - debian/patches/test-test-functions-on-PP64-use-vmlinux.patch
        - debian/patches/test-test-functions-on-PPC64-use-hvc0-console.patch
      * networkd: [Route] PreferredSource not working in *.network files.
        - debian/patches/Install-routes-after-addresses-are-ready.patch
        - debian/patches/Move-link_check_ready-to-later-in-the-file.patch
        - debian/patches/tests-Add-test-for-IPv6-source-routing.patch
      * udevadm: Fix segfault with subsystem-match containing '/' (Closes: #919206)
        File: debian/patches/udevadm-fix-segfault.patch
      * Blacklist TEST-10-ISSUE-2467 #11706
        File: debian/tests/upstream
      * Fix comment about why we disable hwclock.service.
        File: debian/systemd.links
      * debian/tests/storage: fix for LUKS2 and avoid interactive password prompts.
        File: debian/tests/storage
      * d/p/network-remove-routing-policy-rule-from-foreign-rule.patch
      * d/p/network-do-not-remove-rule-when-it-is-requested-by-e.patch
        - Fix RoutingPolicyRule does not apply correctly
      * core: queue jobs on uninstall to generate PropertiesChanged signal.
        File: debian/patches/core-when-we-uninstall-a-job-add-unit-to-dbus-queue.patch
      * systemd-stable: cherrypick many bugfixes from the v240-stable branch.
        - debian/patches/Add-missing-dash-to-all-option-in-the-timedatectl-man-pag.patch
        - debian/patches/Add-note-about-transactions-being-genereated-independentl.patch
        - debian/patches/Change-job-mode-of-manager-triggered-restarts-to-JOB_REPL.patch
        - debian/patches/Fix-omission-in-docs.patch
        - debian/patches/Log-the-job-being-merged.patch
        - debian/patches/NEWS-document-deprecation-of-PermissionsStartOnly-in-v240.patch
        - debian/patches/NEWS-retroactively-describe-.include-deprecation.patch
        - debian/patches/Update-systemd-system.conf.xml.patch
        - debian/patches/basic-prioq-add-prioq_peek_item.patch
        - debian/patches/core-Fix-EOPNOTSUPP-emergency-action-error-string.patch
        - debian/patches/core-Fix-return-argument-check-for-parse_emergency_action.patch
        - debian/patches/
        - debian/patches/core-mount-move-static-function-earlier-in-file.patch
        - debian/patches/curl-util-fix-use-after-free.patch
        - debian/patches/ethtool-Make-sure-advertise-is-actually-set-when-autonego.patch
        - debian/patches/journal-avoid-buffer-overread-when-locale-name-is-too-lon.patch
        - debian/patches/journal-limit-the-number-of-entries-in-the-cache-based-on.patch
        - debian/patches/journald-periodically-drop-cache-for-all-dead-PIDs.patch
        - debian/patches/machinectl-fix-argument-index-in-error-log.patch
        - debian/patches/man-Fix-a-typo-in-systemd.exec.xml.patch
        - debian/patches/man-fix-reference.patch
        - debian/patches/man-fix-volume-num-of-journalctl.patch
        - debian/patches/man-update-DefaultDependency-in-systemd.mount-5.patch
        - debian/patches/netlink-set-maximum-size-of-WGDEVICE_A_IFNAME.patch
        - debian/patches/network-make-Link-and-NetDev-always-have-the-valid-poiter.patch
        - debian/patches/
        - debian/patches/network-wireguard-rename-and-split-set_wireguard_interfac.patch
        - debian/patches/networkd-wait-for-kernel-to-reply-ipv6-peer-address.patch
        - debian/patches/nspawn-ignore-SIGPIPE-for-nspawn-itself.patch
        - debian/patches/pager-improve-english-a-bit.patch
        - debian/patches/pid1-fix-cleanup-of-stale-implicit-deps-based-on-proc-sel.patch
        - debian/patches/procfs-util-expose-functionality-to-query-total-memory.patch
        - debian/patches/pull-fix-invalid-error-check.patch
        - debian/patches/shared-Revert-commit-49fe5c099-in-parts-for-function-pars.patch
        - debian/patches/shared-dissect-image-make-sure-that-we-don-t-truncate-dev.patch
        - debian/patches/test-execute-unset-HOME-before-testing.patch
        - debian/patches/udev-do-logging-before-setting-variables-to-NULL.patch
        - debian/patches/udev-val-may-be-NULL-use-strempty.patch
        - debian/patches/udevadm-info-a-should-enumerate-sysfs-attributes-not-envs.patch
        - debian/patches/udevd-use-worker_free-on-failure-in-worker_new.patch
        - debian/patches/units-make-sure-initrd-cleanup.service-terminates-before-.patch
        - debian/patches/wait-online-do-not-fail-if-we-receive-invalid-messages.patch
      * Cherrypick missing systemd-stable patches to unbreak wireguard peer endpoints.
        - debian/patches/network-wireguard-fixes-sending-wireguard-peer-setti.patch
        - debian/patches/network-wireguard-use-sd_netlink_message_append_sock.patch
        - debian/patches/sd-netlink-introduce-sd_netlink_message_append_socka.patch
        - debian/patches/test-network-add-more-checks-in-NetworkdNetDevTests..patch
      * Cherry-pick patches to fix FTBFS with GCC 9:
        - d/p/strv-rework-FOREACH_STRING-macro.patch
        - d/p/test-systemctl-nspawn-use-const-char-instead-of-char-as-i.patch
    - Remaining changes:
      * Skip starting systemd-remount-fs.service in containers
        even when /etc/fstab is present.
        File: debian/patches/debian/Skip-starting-systemd-remount-fs.service-in-containers.patch
      * resolved: add support for pipelined requests
        - debian/patches/llmnr-add-comment-why-we-install-no-complete-handler-on-s.patch
        - debian/patches/resolved-add-comment-to-dns_stream_complete-about-its-err.patch
        - debian/patches/resolved-keep-stub-stream-connections-up-for-as-long-as-c.patch
        - debian/patches/resolved-only-call-complete-with-zero-argument-in-LLMNR-c.patch
        - debian/patches/resolved-restart-stream-timeout-whenever-we-managed-to-re.patch
        - debian/patches/stream-follow-coding-style-don-t-use-degrade-to-bool-for-.patch
        - debian/patches/stream-track-type-of-DnsStream-object.patch
        - debian/patches/transaction-simplify-handling-if-we-get-an-unexpected-DNS.patch
      * networkd: [Route] PreferredSource not working in *.network files.
        - debian/patches/debian/UBUNTU-networkd-if-RA-was-implicit-do-not-await-ndisc_con.patch
      * virt: detect WSL environment as a container
        - debian/patches/virt-detect-WSL-environment-as-a-container-id-wsl.patch
      * pam-systemd: use secure_getenv() rather than getenv()
        File: debian/patches/pam-systemd-use-secure_getenv-rather-than-getenv.patch
      * Set UseDomains to true, by default, on Ubuntu.
        File: debian/patches/debian/Ubuntu-UseDomains-by-default.patch
      * Enable systemd-resolved by default
        File: debian/systemd.postinst
      * Create /etc/resolv.conf at postinst, pointing at the stub resolver.
        File: debian/systemd.postinst
      * libnss-resolve: do not disable and stop systemd-resolved
        File: debian/libnss-resolve.postrm
      * Ignore failures to set Nice priority on services in containers.
        File: debian/patches/debian/Ubuntu-core-in-execute-soft-fail-setting-Nice-priority-when.patch
      * units: set ConditionVirtualization=!private-users on journald audit socket.
        File: debian/patches/debian/Ubuntu-units-set-ConditionVirtualization-private-users-on-j.patch
      * debian/tests: Enforce udev upgrade.
        - debian/tests/boot-and-services
        - debian/tests/control
      * Always setup /etc/resolv.conf on new installations.
        File: debian/systemd.postinst
      * Ubuntu/extra: ship dhclient-enter hook.
        - debian/extra/dhclient-enter-resolved-hook
        - debian/rules
      * Disable systemd-networkd-wait-online by default.
        File: debian/systemd.postinst
      * postinst: drop empty/stock /etc/rc.local
        File: debian/systemd.postinst
      * Ship systemd sysctl settings.
        - debian/patches/debian/UBUNTU-drop-kernel.-settings-from-sysctl-defaults-shipped.patch
        - debian/rules
      * systemd.postinst: enable persistent journal
        File: debian/systemd.postinst
      * Disable LLMNR and MulticastDNS by default
        - debian/patches/debian/UBUNTU-resolved-disable-global-LLMNR-and-MulticastDNS.patch
      * Add "AssumedApparmorLabel=unconfined" to timedate1 dbus service file
        File: debian/patches/debian/UBUNTU-Add-AssumedApparmorLabel-unconfined-to-timedate1-dbus.patch
      * debian/tests/systemd-fsckd: update assertions expectations for v237
        File: debian/tests/systemd-fsckd
      * test/test-functions: launch qemu-system with -vga none.
        File: debian/patches/debian/UBUNTU-test-test-functions-launch-qemu-with-vga-none.patch
      * tests/boot-smoke: ignore udevd connection timeouts resolving colord group.
        File: debian/tests/boot-smoke
      * Drop systemd.prerm safety check.
        File: debian/systemd.prerm
      * wait-online: do not wait, if no links are managed (neither configured, or failed).
        File: debian/patches/debian/UBUNTU-wait-online-exit-if-no-links-are-managed.patch
      * journald.service: set Nice=-1 to dodge watchdog on soft lockups.
        File: debian/patches/debian/UBUNTU-journald.service-set-Nice-1-to-dodge-watchdog-on-soft-loc.patch
      * Workaround captive portals not responding to EDNS0 queries (DVE-2018-0001).
        File: debian/patches/resolved-Mitigate-DVE-2018-0001-by-retrying-NXDOMAIN-with.patch
      * Recommend networkd-dispatcher
        File: debian/control
      * networkd: if RA was implicit, do not await ndisc_configured.
        File: debian/patches/debian/UBUNTU-networkd-if-RA-was-implicit-do-not-await-ndisc_con.patch
      * udev-udeb: ship modprobe.d snippet to force scsi_mod.scan=sync in d-i.
        - debian/extra/modprobe.d-udeb/scsi-mod-scan-sync.conf
        - debian/udev-udeb.install
      * Disable dh_installinit generation of tmpfiles for the systemd package.
        - debian/rules
        - debian/systemd.postinst
      * Enable EFI/bootctl on armhf.
        File: debian/control
      * boot-and-services: stderr is ok, for status command on the c1 container.
        File: debian/tests/boot-and-services
      * Skip systemd-fsckd on arm64, because of broken/lack of clean shutdown.
        File: debian/tests/systemd-fsckd
      * adt: boot-and-services: assert any kernel syslog messages.
        File: debian/tests/boot-and-services
      * debian/extra/start-udev: Set scsi_mod scan=sync even if it's builtin to the kernel (we previously only set it in modprobe.d)
        - debian/extra/start-udev
      * units: conditionalize more units to not start in containers.
        - debian/patches/debian/UBUNTU-units-block-CAP_SYS_MODULE-units-in-containers-too.patch
      * test-sleep: skip test_fiemap upon inapproriate ioctl for device.
        File: debian/patches/debian/UBUNTU-test-sleep-skip-test_fiemap-upon-inapproriate-ioctl-.patch
      * Re-add support for /etc/writable for core18
        File: debian/patches/debian/UBUNTU-Support-system-image-read-only-etc.patch
      * debian/control: strengthen dependencies.
        File: debian/control
      * Improve autopkgtest success rate, by bumping up timeouts
        File: debian/patches/debian/UBUNTU-bump-selftest-timeouts.patch
      * units: Disable journald Watchdog
        File: debian/patches/debian/UBUNTU-units-disable-journald-watchdog.patch
      * Add conflicts with upstart and systemd-shim
        File: debian/control
      * Specify Ubuntu's Vcs-Git
        File: debian/control
      * debian/systemd.postinst: Skip daemon-reexec and try-restarts during shutdown
        File: debian/systemd.postinst
      * Switch gbp.conf to disco.
        File: debian/gbp.conf
      * core: set /run size to 10%, like initramfs-tools does.
        File: debian/patches/debian/UBUNTU-core-set-run-size-to-10-like-initramfs-tools-does.patch
      * support PPC64LE qemu based testing.
        - debian/tests/control
      * core: Revert strict mount namespacing/sandboxing, until LXD allows the needed mounts.
        File: debian/patches/Revert-namespace-be-more-careful-when-handling-namespacin.patch
      * networkd: [Route] PreferredSource not working in *.network files.
        - debian/patches/debian/UBUNTU-networkd-if-RA-was-implicit-do-not-await-ndisc_con.patch
      * debian/tests: blacklist upstream test-24-unit-tests on ppc64le.
        File: debian/tests/upstream
      * debian/control: Update Vcs-{Browser|Git} to Ubuntu's packaging repository
      * debian/gbp.conf: Set tag format to ubuntu/*
      * Only test that gdm3 comes up on amd64. Stalls on other arches.
        File: debian/tests/control
      * tests/storage: make the test more resilient.
        File: debian/tests/storage
      * Fix false negative checking for running jobs after boot.
        File: debian/tests/boot-smoke
      * Cherrypick ask-password: prevent buffer overrow when reading from keyring.
        File: debian/patches/ask-password-prevent-buffer-overrow-when-reading-fro.patch
      * Wait for cryptsetup unit to start, before stopping.
        File: debian/tests/storage
      * Wait for systemctl is-system-running state.
        File: debian/tests/boot-smoke
      * Fix typpo in storage test.
        File: debian/tests/storage
      * random-util: eat up bad RDRAND values seen on AMD CPUs.
        File: debian/patches/+rdrand-workaround-on-amd.patch
  * Refresh patches

systemd (241-7) unstable; urgency=medium

  [ Michael Biebl ]
  * network: Fix failure to bring up interface with Linux kernel 5.2.
    Backport two patches from systemd master in order to fix a bug with 5.2
    kernels where the network interface fails to come up with the following
    error: "enp3s0: Could not bring up interface: Invalid argument"
    (Closes: #931636)
  * Use /usr/sbin/nologin as nologin shell.
    In Debian the nologin shell is installed in /usr/sbin, not /sbin.
    (Closes: #931850)

  [ Mert Dirik ]
  * 40-systemd: Don't fail if SysV init script uses set -u and $1 is unset
    (Closes: #931719)

systemd (241-6) unstable; urgency=medium

  * ask-password: Prevent buffer overflow when reading from keyring.
    Fixes a possible memory corruption that causes systemd-cryptsetup to
    crash either when a single large password is used or when multiple
    passwords have already been pushed to the keyring. (Closes: #929726)
  * Clarify documentation regarding %h/%u/%U specifiers.
    Make it clear, that setting "User=" has no effect on those specifiers.
    Also ensure that "%h" is actually resolved to "/root" for the system
    manager instance as documented in the systemd.unit man page.
    (Closes: #927911)
  * network: Behave more gracefully when IPv6 has been disabled.
    Ignore any configured IPv6 settings when IPv6 has been disabled in the
    kernel via sysctl. Instead of failing completely, continue and log a
    warning instead. (Closes: #929469)

systemd (241-5) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Revert "Add check to switch VTs only between K_XLATE or K_UNICODE"
    This change left the keyboard in an unusable state when exiting an X
    session. (Closes: #929229)

systemd (241-4) unstable; urgency=medium

  * journal-remote: Do not request Content-Length if Transfer-Encoding is
    chunked (Closes: #927008)
  * systemctl: Restore "systemctl reboot ARG" functionality.
    Fixes a regression introduced in v240. (Closes: #928659)
  * random-util: Eat up bad RDRAND values seen on AMD CPUs.
    Some AMD CPUs return bogus data via RDRAND after a suspend/resume cycle
    while still reporting success via the carry flag.
    Filter out invalid data like -1 (and also 0, just to be sure).
    (Closes: #921267)
  * Add check to switch VTs only between K_XLATE or K_UNICODE.
    Switching to K_UNICODE from other than L_XLATE can make the keyboard
    unusable and possibly leak keypresses from X.
    (CVE-2018-20839, Closes: #929116)
  * Document that DRM render nodes are now owned by group "render"
    (Closes: #926886)

systemd (241-3) unstable; urgency=high

  [ Michael Biebl ]
  * Drop systemd-shim alternative from libpam-systemd.
    A fixed systemd-shim package which works with newer versions of systemd
    is unlikely to happen given that the systemd-shim package has been
    removed from the archive. Drop the alternative dependency from
    libpam-systemd accordingly.
  * Properly remove duplicate directories from systemd package.
    When removing duplicate directories from the systemd package, sort the
    list of directories in reverse order so we properly delete nested
  * udev: Run programs in the specified order (Closes: #925190)
  * bash-completion: Use default completion for redirect operators
    (Closes: #924541)
  * networkd: Clarify that IPv6 RA uses our own stack, no the kernel's
    (Closes: #815582)
  * Revert "Drop systemd-timesyncd.service.d/disable-with-time-daemon.conf"
    Apparently Conflicts= are not a reliable mechanism to ensure alternative
    NTP implementations take precedence over systemd-timesyncd.
    (Closes: #902026)
  * network: Fix routing policy rule issue.
    When multiple links request a routing policy, make sure they are all
    applied correctly. (Closes: #924406)
  * pam-systemd: Use secure_getenv() rather than getenv()
    Fixes a vulnerability in the systemd PAM module which insecurely uses
    the environment and lacks seat verification permitting spoofing an
    active session to PolicyKit. (CVE-2019-3842)

  [ Martin Pitt ]
  * Enable udev autopkgtest in containers.
    This test doesn't actually need udev.service (which is disabled in
    containers) and works fine in LXC.
  * Enable boot-and-service autopkgtest in containers
    - Skip tests which can't work in containers.
    - Add missing rsyslog test dependency.
    - e2scrub_reap.service fails in containers, ignore (filed as #926138)
    - Relax pgrep pattern for gdm, as there's no wayland session in

systemd (241-2) unstable; urgency=medium

  [ Martin Pitt ]
  * debian/tests/boot-smoke: Create journal and udevdb artifacts on all
  * autopkgtests: Replace obsolete $ADT_* variables
  * networkd-test: Ignore failures of test_route_only_dns* in containers.
    This test exposes a race condition when running in LXC, see issue #11848
    for details. Until that is understood and fixed, skip the test as it's
    not a recent regression. (Closes: #924539)
  * Bump Standards-Version to 4.3.0.
    No changes necessary.
  * debian/tests/boot-smoke: Only check current boot for connection timeouts.
    Otherwise we'll catch some
        Failed to resolve group 'render': Connection timed out
    messages that happen in earlier boots during VM setup, before the
    "render" group is created.
  * timedated: Fix emitted value when ntp client is enabled/disabled.
    Fixes a regression introduced in 241.
  * debian/tests/timedated: Check enabling/disabling NTP.
    Assert that `timedatectl set-ntp` correctly controls the service, sets
    the `org.freedesktop.timedate1 NTP` property, and sends the right
    `PropertiesChanged` signal.
    This reproduces <> and
    also the earlier <>.

  [ Michael Biebl ]
  * Disable fallback DNS servers in resolved (Closes: #923081)
  * cgtop: Fix processing of controllers other than CPU (Closes: #921280)
  * udev: Restore debug level when logging a failure in the external prog
    called by IMPORT{program} (Closes: #924199)
  * core: Remove "." path components from required mount paths.
    Fixes mount related failures when a user's home directory contains "/./"
    (Closes: #923881)
  * udev.init: Use new s-s-d --notify-await to start udev daemon.
    Fixes a race condition during startup under SysV init.
    Add versioned dependency on dpkg (>= 1.19.3) to ensure that a version
    of start-stop-daemon which supports --notify-await is installed.
    (Closes: #908796)
  * Make /dev/dri/renderD* accessible to group "render"
    Follow upstream and make render nodes available to a dedicated system
    group "render" instead of "video". Keep the uaccess tag for local,
    active users.

systemd (241-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  [ Adam Borowski ]
  * Make libpam-systemd Provide: logind, default-logind.
    This allows alternate logind implementations such as elogind, without
    having to recompile every dependent package -- as long as the client API
    remains compatible.
    These new virtual packages got policy-approved in #917431. (Closes: #915407)

  [ Felipe Sateler ]
  * New upstream version 241
    - Refresh patches
    - Backport upstream fix for Driver= matches in .network files

  [ Martin Pitt ]
  * debian/libsystemd0.symbols: Add new symbol from release 241
  * Fix various bugs and races in networkd tests.
    This should get the autopkgtest back to green, which regressed with
    dnsmasq 2.80.

 -- Balint Reczey <email address hidden>  Wed, 28 Aug 2019 17:19:28 +0200

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Binary packages built by this source

libnss-myhostname: nss module providing fallback resolution for the current hostname

 This package contains a plugin for the Name Service Switch, providing host
 name resolution for the locally configured system hostname as returned by
 gethostname(2). It returns all locally configured public IP addresses or -- if
 none are configured, the IPv4 address (which is on the local
 loopback) and the IPv6 address ::1 (which is the local host).
 A lot of software relies on that the local host name is resolvable. This
 package provides an alternative to the fragile and error-prone manual editing
 of /etc/hosts.
 Installing this package automatically adds myhostname to /etc/nsswitch.conf.

libnss-myhostname-dbgsym: debug symbols for libnss-myhostname
libnss-mymachines: nss module to resolve hostnames for local container instances

 nss-mymachines is a plugin for the GNU Name Service Switch (NSS) functionality
 of the GNU C Library (glibc) providing hostname resolution for local containers
 that are registered with systemd-machined.service(8). The container names are
 resolved to IP addresses of the specific container, ordered by their scope.
 Installing this package automatically adds mymachines to /etc/nsswitch.conf.

libnss-mymachines-dbgsym: debug symbols for libnss-mymachines
libnss-resolve: nss module to resolve names via systemd-resolved

 nss-resolve is a plugin for the GNU Name Service Switch (NSS) functionality
 of the GNU C Library (glibc) providing DNS and LLMNR resolution to programs via
 the systemd-resolved daemon (provided in the systemd package).
 Installing this package automatically adds resolve to /etc/nsswitch.conf.

libnss-resolve-dbgsym: debug symbols for libnss-resolve
libnss-systemd: nss module providing dynamic user and group name resolution

 nss-systemd is a plug-in module for the GNU Name Service Switch (NSS)
 functionality of the GNU C Library (glibc), providing UNIX user and group name
 resolution for dynamic users and groups allocated through the DynamicUser=
 option in systemd unit files. See systemd.exec(5) for details on this
 Installing this package automatically adds the module to /etc/nsswitch.conf.

libnss-systemd-dbgsym: debug symbols for libnss-systemd
libpam-systemd: system and service manager - PAM module

 This package contains the PAM module which registers user sessions in
 the systemd control group hierarchy for logind.
 If in doubt, do install this package.
 Packages that depend on logind functionality need to depend on libpam-systemd.

libpam-systemd-dbgsym: debug symbols for libpam-systemd
libsystemd-dev: systemd utility library - development files

 The libsystemd0 library provides interfaces to various systemd components.
 This package contains the development files.

libsystemd0: systemd utility library

 The libsystemd0 library provides interfaces to various systemd components.

libsystemd0-dbgsym: debug symbols for libsystemd0
libudev-dev: libudev development files

 This package contains the files needed for developing applications that
 use libudev.

libudev1: libudev shared library

 This library provides access to udev device information.

libudev1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libudev1
libudev1-udeb: libudev shared library

 This library provides access to udev device information.
 This is a minimal version, only for use in the installation system.

systemd: system and service manager

 systemd is a system and service manager for Linux. It provides aggressive
 parallelization capabilities, uses socket and D-Bus activation for starting
 services, offers on-demand starting of daemons, keeps track of processes using
 Linux control groups, maintains mount and automount points and implements an
 elaborate transactional dependency-based service control logic.
 systemd is compatible with SysV and LSB init scripts and can work as a
 drop-in replacement for sysvinit.
 Installing the systemd package will not switch your init system unless you
 boot with init=/bin/systemd or install systemd-sysv in addition.

systemd-container: systemd container/nspawn tools

 This package provides systemd's tools for nspawn and container/VM management:
  * systemd-nspawn
  * systemd-machined and machinectl
  * systemd-importd
  * systemd-portabled and portablectl

systemd-container-dbgsym: debug symbols for systemd-container
systemd-coredump: tools for storing and retrieving coredumps

 This package provides systemd tools for storing and retrieving coredumps:
  * systemd-coredump
  * coredumpctl

systemd-coredump-dbgsym: debug symbols for systemd-coredump
systemd-dbgsym: debug symbols for systemd
systemd-journal-remote: tools for sending and receiving remote journal logs

 This package provides tools for sending and receiving remote journal logs:
  * systemd-journal-remote
  * systemd-journal-upload
  * systemd-journal-gatewayd

systemd-journal-remote-dbgsym: debug symbols for systemd-journal-remote
systemd-sysv: system and service manager - SysV links

 systemd is a system and service manager for Linux. It provides aggressive
 parallelization capabilities, uses socket and D-Bus activation for starting
 services, offers on-demand starting of daemons, keeps track of processes using
 Linux control groups, maintains mount and automount points and implements an
 elaborate transactional dependency-based service control logic.
 systemd is compatible with SysV and LSB init scripts and can work as a
 drop-in replacement for sysvinit.
 This package provides the manual pages and links needed for systemd
 to replace sysvinit. Installing systemd-sysv will overwrite /sbin/init with a
 link to systemd.

systemd-tests: tests for systemd

 This package contains the test binaries. Those binaries are primarily used
 for autopkgtest and not meant to be installed on regular user systems.

systemd-tests-dbgsym: debug symbols for systemd-tests
udev: /dev/ and hotplug management daemon

 udev is a daemon which dynamically creates and removes device nodes from
 /dev/, handles hotplug events and loads drivers at boot time.

udev-dbgsym: debug symbols for udev
udev-udeb: /dev/ and hotplug management daemon

 udev is a daemon which dynamically creates and removes device nodes from
 /dev/, handles hotplug events and loads drivers at boot time.
 This is a minimal version, only for use in the installation system.