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Bug #1976607: tests-in-lxd autopkgtest is skipped, due to missing 'lxd' deb Medium In Progress 4 weeks

From: Lukas Märdian
Link: 0001-Run-tests-in-lxd-autopkgtest-via-LXD-snap-the-deb-is.patch


Bug #1975587: systemd: fix test-execute autotest failure with kernel 5.15 in focal Undecided New 5 weeks

From: Andrea Righi
Link: systemd-test-make-test-execute-pass-on-Linux-5.15.debdiff


Bug #1967576: systemd: autopkgtest: tests-in-lxd fails because of remaining snap .mount units Undecided In Progress 12 weeks

From: Nick Rosbrook
Link: systemd-lp-1967576.debdiff


Bug #1945888: DHCPv6 too strict when the response is missing IAID for some sections Undecided Confirmed 35 weeks

From: Ciprian Hacman
Link: sd-dhcp6-client.patch

Cherry-pick from upstream

Bug #1930738: network configuration failed on reboot Undecided Incomplete 45 weeks

From: Frank Villaro
Link: sd-netlink-make-timeout-message-sealed.patch


Bug #1770082: systemd-networkd not renaming devices on boot Undecided Confirmed 213 weeks

From: Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre
Link: debug.patch

draft systemd patch to skip should_rename(), adds extra debug info

Bug #1718658: ecryptfs-mount-private fails to initialize ecryptfs keys Undecided Confirmed 232 weeks

From: Forest
Link: disable_system_service_session_keyrings.patch


Bug #1611945: /dev/disk/by-path not properly populated for (e)SATA port multiplier disks Undecided Confirmed 268 weeks

From: Sitsofe Wheeler
Link: ee26c33ede684138ba9fdc7f286bfa402860aff3.patch


Bug #1487679: Breaking ordering cycle by deleting job NetworkManager.service/start Undecided Confirmed 322 weeks

From: Alkis Georgopoulos
Link: no-required-start-network.patch


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