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Bug #1982218: wait-online does not correctly identify managed links Undecided New 46 weeks
Bug #1945888: DHCPv6 too strict when the response is missing IAID for some sections Undecided Confirmed 84 weeks
Bug #1930738: network configuration failed on reboot Undecided Incomplete 93 weeks
Bug #1770082: systemd-networkd not renaming devices on boot Undecided Confirmed 262 weeks
Bug #1718658: ecryptfs-mount-private fails to initialize ecryptfs keys Undecided Confirmed 280 weeks
Bug #1611945: /dev/disk/by-path not properly populated for (e)SATA port multiplier disks Undecided Confirmed 316 weeks
Bug #1487679: Breaking ordering cycle by deleting job NetworkManager.service/start Undecided Confirmed 371 weeks
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