Comment 8 for bug 637695

Item 1, Item 2 and Item 5 by mistake assigned to nvidia-graphics-drivers, but it's more likely kubuntu-default-settings, like Item 3.

Looks like Item 4 include correction udev rules.

Item 6 is KDE bug. This bug is fixed in KDE 4.5. No issue anymore.

Item 7 scancode for Euro and Dollar buttons:
scan code: 0xB3 key code: euro
scan code: 0xB4 key code: dollar

I move request from commentary #2 to description. Now it's Item 8.
Scancode of Acer Arcade button:
scan code: 0x92 key code: prog2

Looks like problem with Item 9 and Item 10 because system recognize Acer MediaTouch like typical Synaptics Touchpad. How can I help solve this issue?