Comment 19 for bug 637695

> We were wondering if this is still an issue?
There is probably no more issues on kernel side, all buttons is recognized now (including item 10) but Item 7 (Euro and Dollar) is waiting for Mir and Wayland to be properly assigned.

Because of issue with Item 4 I reopen udev task (and reassign it to systemd, since as I understand udev tasks now belongs to systemd).

Item 4: Fn+F2 recognition is broken now (recognized as NoSymbol). Info about Fn+F2 in commentary #10 and scancode in #14.

Item 9 & 10: all buttons on Acer MediaTouch is now recognized, but MediaTouch is still detected as touchpad (second SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad device in xinput list) so no info from keymap utility. Is there anything that can be done about Acer MediaTouch buttons to make it works out of the box? To what package issue with MediaTouch belongs to?