Comment 0 for bug 1628778

Anders Kaseorg (andersk) wrote :

On the MIT network (which runs some ancient version of BIND 9), systemd-resolved stops resolving anything that isn’t DNSSEC-signed after I disconnect and reconnect the network. Signed zones continue to resolve.

This happens with either DNSSEC=yes or the default DNSSEC=allow-downgrade.

$ systemd-resolve

-- Information acquired via protocol DNS in 15.6ms.
-- Data is authenticated: no
$ # (disconnect and reconnect wifi)
$ systemd-resolve resolve call failed: DNSSEC validation failed: no-signature

More debug information is available in my upstream report (, which has gotten no response in the last week and a half.

I’m refiling this here because I believe that this regression and others (bug 1588230, bug 1624071, bug 1624317, bug 1449001) indicate that systemd-resolved is not ready for production, and with final freeze just a week away, leaving systemd-resolved enabled for the yakkety release would be reckless.