Comment 8 for bug 1252121

In the other bug report, I said that "sudo pm-suspend" didn't work, which is wrong. Maybe I forgot to re-activate the network after some previous test ...

So my current results are (tested >5 times):
All of these methods:
- closing the lid
- using the Unity menu -> "Suspend"
- sudo gdbus call -y -d org.freedesktop.login1 -o /org/freedesktop/login1 -m org.freedesktop.login1.Manager.Suspend true
show the following behaviour:
The screen turns off immediately, however it takes >20s until the laptop finally suspends. During these 20s, I can reactivate the screen by moving the mouse or pressing a key and then even login and do some stuff - until the 20s are over and the laptop goes off. When turning it on again, the network does not work - and if I logged in before it went off, I don't need to login after resume.

"sudo pm-suspend" on the other hand always works: It always suspends immediately and on resume, the network is as it was before. But I don't need to login in this case.

Also, I noticed that I get two types of login screens (seemingly randomly):
- One has a Gnome3-like, black top bar on the login screen (I use the normal Unity-design that would have a gray bar there) and the login window is in German (my system locale).
- Sometimes, the top bar is missing, so there is only my wallpaper and the login window. In these cases, the login screen is in English. This is the type of login screen I get, when I click "Lock" in the Unity menu or press Ctrl+Alt+L.
Both login screens are entirely different from what I get on normal startup (which is one with gray background, Gnome3-top bar with no own background).

Sometimes, the screen is initially black after resume (except for the labels on the top bar) and I have to press a key to see the login window and the wallpaper.

And very rarely I get a very weird behavior after resume: The system logs me out randomly (after 1-5 seconds) and I have to re-login.

The login screen issues are probably not related to this bug report. I deactivated "Require my password when waking from suspend" and the network-problem is still there.