Comment 34 for bug 1252121

Neil Olver (neilincanadia) wrote :

Interesting: I had this bug with a 13.04 -> 13.10 upgrade. I did not have it on a fresh 13.10 install. However, at some point after installing a few packages, it came back (very reproducibly), combined with the 'infinite suspend loop' problem that has also been reported, and also many of the symptoms reported by Philipp Keck.

I again reinstalled fresh, and again things seem to be fine. Unfortunately I didn't keep a list of which packages I installed. However, I did install some packages related to power management, and I'm guessing one of them is the culprit:


Just uninstalling them did not fix the problem though.

Maybe other people having the problem could try running from the LiveCD and see if that makes a difference?