Comment 1 for bug 262915

On Tue, Nov 01, 2005 at 08:27:07PM +0100, Carsten Luedtke wrote:
> Package: synaptic
> Version:
> Severity: wishlist

Thanks for your mail.

> To improve the usability, synaptic could automagicaly switch to the list
> of packages which are upgradeable after the user has fetched the lists.
> Or synaptic could just make the entry for the list as bold text or
> place a special icon. Something the unexperienced user can see - so he
> does the right thing and gets his security updates installed.

I'm not sure if that really should be put into synaptic. I wonder if
it is not easier if "update-manager" (a application used in ubuntu to
just display available software update) is ported to debian (people
are already working on doing this). It seems to me that the main
use-case you describe - installing (security) updates - is covered
with it better. Let me know what you thing about it.


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