Comment 32 for bug 288650

Anton Keks (anton-azib) wrote :

Unfortunately, it seems that some intermediate changes made in Jaunty during the past week have made things worse for me.

Java performance is good (scrolling, view resizing, etc in IDEA8 is very fast), however if I open many windows on the same viewport (5+ or something, especially maximized ones), then switching between them becomes very slow. Dragging of a single window is fast and any redraws inside of a single windows is also fast, but things like Alt+Tab, Scale compiz plugin or anything else that operates on many windows at once is slow. Bad, but maybe this was caused by some 'stability' patches, probably related to memory management somehow. This is with EXA.

Another issue is that UXA does not work for me anymore - it is able to redraw the screen (in compiz) only once per 2 seconds (Compiz benchmark shows 0.5 fps), which is totally unacceptable. Last week, UXA was at least as fast as EXA for me, with DRI2 working. XAA crashes, too. Very bad...

And yes, I use the default xorg.conf.

lspci | grep -i display
00:02.1 Display controller: Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 0c)