Comment 29 for bug 32906

I am not confused at all.
I actually am certain that raising privileges on the local machine should not require networking bits at all. There is no real reason why that should be done. No real dependency of the network, unlike the X system that is actually meant and thought for networking. That, however, doesn't mean that other applications that use X are broken. If gnome-terminal starts in 60 seconds and xclock in .001 seconds, and you blame it on X, you might very well have a diagnosis problem.

Going back to this bug: this happened to me when I upgraded to one of the alphas of ubuntu. However, instead of seeing only the problem in the network settings, I want to point the design mistake in sudo. What would've happened if my hostname was actually other machine's? does that mean that I could've sudo stuff on other machine even if the local policy disallowed it?
And once again, my point of view: raising privileges on the LOCAL machine should NOT require networking bits. NEVER.