18.04 Server installation missing partition options

Bug #1750645 reported by Maraschin on 2018-02-20
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subiquity (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

Boot image: 20180220

I tried to install the ubuntu-server daily live today and when presented with the partition program I noticed that almost all the interesting features are gone!

There is no way to select encryption and lvm to start with.

It doesn't scan the disks, basically if you have already any partition on any disk it will not show you anything. Just an option to create a new partition.

This is really BAD!

I've a machine with 3 HDs on which I would like to:
- full encrypt all of them!
- be able to use lvm to have swap and any number of partition on any disk
- use ext 2 for /boot (which is not encrypted)

At least I was able to configure the keyboard correct this time.
By the way, the new install interface is terrible! The older one was a lot user friendly and did the work, this doesn't even look good.

Steve Langasek (vorlon) wrote :

> There is no way to select encryption and lvm to start with.

This is a known limitation of the new server live installer. For 18.04, if you want these features you should continue to use the d-i based install image.

> It doesn't scan the disks, basically if you have already any partition
> on any disk it will not show you anything. Just an option to create
> a new partition.

This is certainly a valid concern; I think we should use this bug report to track that issue.

affects: cryptsetup (Ubuntu) → subiquity (Ubuntu)
Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :

Status changed to 'Confirmed' because the bug affects multiple users.

Changed in subiquity (Ubuntu):
status: New → Confirmed
Gannet (ken20001) wrote :

Just decided to try 18.04 beta when I found the new installer is terrible and even denies me to install the system to a previously created partitions. No FAT32 FS for the UEFI partition, no option to mount any existing one. This is really ridiculous an stupid.

Tomasz Konefal (twkonefal-j) wrote :

Forgive my ignorance, but what is a "d-i based install image"?

I'm also very troubled that an LTS release has these types of problems with the installer. Is there a workaround to install directly to existing LVM volumes? Specifically, I'm interested in using LVM volumes not contained in a partition, similar to the description of bug 1752217.

David Coronel (davecore) wrote :

@Tomasz: The d-i based install image is "the traditional installer found on the alternative downloads page" as you can read from the Download Ubuntu Server 18.04 page[1][2][3]:

Alternative Ubuntu Server installer
If you require advanced networking and storage features such as; LVM, RAID, multipath, vlans, bonds, or re-using existing partitions, you will want to continue to use the alternate installer.


From what I understand, those features are coming to the new Subiquity installer eventually.

I understand that Subiquity will provide these features in the future, but I find it very irresponsible to make it the default installer for a server release without being production ready (and these features are a MUST for servers). Let alone pushing this in an LTS release. Very irresponsible...

Gannet (ken20001) wrote :

I'm totally agree with Sander. A new installer is useless and non needed.

I know I probably shouldn't join the negativity train here, but... OMG, why? The usual installer is the best I've ever used in my 18 years of Linuxing.

This new one is just broken beyond belief. Why is it here? A few weeks ago, I had to give up on installing Ubuntu Server 18.04 on a machine without internet because, hey — the new installer won't let you install without internet.

Now, I'm trying to install on another server with internet, but hey, the installer doesn't see the existing partitions.

How on Earth does this level of broken software get into an LTS release, let alone *any* release?

I mean Debian-style conservatism is tiring, and Ubuntu is deliciously free of this, but hey — there's gotta be a limit somewhere :)

I don't understand how it's now June, and the online images still have this broken new installer bundled. Again, why? Why is it here? :D


Carlos Morais (carlos88morais) wrote :

I agree with everything danielbuus said, except I would change the faces to >-( and :'(

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