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Bug #697183: using rewriteDomain ssmtp crashes with: munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer: 0x08fa95f5 Undecided Confirmed 256 weeks

From: Jannik Grube
Link: ssmtp-rewritedomain-with@-fix.patch


Bug #297929: Allow forwarding to multiple "root" recipients Undecided Confirmed 671 weeks

From: Daniel Richard G.
Link: ssmtp-multiple-root.patch

Patch against ssmtp-2.62

Bug #160667: The option for 'rewriteDomain' is not set from debconf. Undecided Confirmed 724 weeks

From: PaulSchulz
Link: patch-ssmtp-2.61-ps2.diff

Set "FromLineOverride" parameter to the default value.

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