squid3 is not built with helper /usr/lib/squid3/ext_time_quota_acl

Bug #1391159 reported by goldbaer on 2014-11-10
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squid3 (Debian)
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Bug Description

Release: Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS
Package: squid3-3.3.8-1ubuntu6.1

I want to use the helper ext_time_quota_acl but it is missing in package squid3-3.3.8-1ubuntu6.1 for trusty.

The reason is a missing entry in debian/rules for DEB_CONFIGURE_EXTRA_FLAGS

Here is a little patch:

Index: squid3-3.3.8/debian/rules
--- squid3-3.3.8.orig/debian/rules 2014-11-10 12:53:14.252544720 +0100
+++ squid3-3.3.8/debian/rules 2014-11-10 12:54:41.398474721 +0100
@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@
   --enable-auth-digest="file,LDAP" \
   --enable-auth-negotiate="kerberos,wrapper" \
   --enable-auth-ntlm="fake,smb_lm" \
- --enable-external-acl-helpers="file_userip,kerberos_ldap_group,LDAP_group,session,SQL_session,unix_group,wbinfo_group" \
+ --enable-external-acl-helpers="time_quota,file_userip,kerberos_ldap_group,LDAP_group,session,SQL_session,unix_group,wbinfo_group" \
   --enable-url-rewrite-helpers="fake" \
   --enable-eui \
   --enable-esi \

After building a new package the missing file exists.

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goldbaer (goldbaer) on 2014-11-10
affects: ubuntu → squid3 (Ubuntu)
Changed in squid3 (Ubuntu):
status: New → Confirmed
Robie Basak (racb) on 2015-10-06
summary: - squid3 : missing helper /usr/lib/squid3/ext_time_quota_acl
+ squid3 is not built with helper /usr/lib/squid3/ext_time_quota_acl
Amos Jeffries (yadi) wrote :

Fix for this has been added upstream in Debian package 3.5.14-1

Changed in squid3 (Debian):
status: New → Fix Released
Immo (iwetzel) wrote :

any workaround ?

Amos Jeffries (yadi) wrote :

Workaround is to build Squid3 yourself from source package with the helper enabled.

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :
Download full text (5.7 KiB)

This bug was fixed in the package squid3 - 3.5.23-1ubuntu1

squid3 (3.5.23-1ubuntu1) zesty; urgency=medium

  * Merge from Debian (LP: #1644538). Remaining changes:
    - Add additional dep8 tests.
    - Use snakeoil certificates.
    - Add an example refresh pattern for debs.
    - Add disabled by default AppArmor profile.
    - Revert "Set pidfile for systemd's sysv-generator" from Debian.
    - Drop wrong short-circuiting of various invocations; we always want to
      call the debhelper block.
    - Add missing Pre-Depends on adduser.
    - Enable autoreconf. This is no longer required for the security updates,
      but is needed for the seddery of test-suite/Makefile.am in
  * Drop changes (adopted in Debian):
    - Run sarg-reports if present before rotating logs.
    - Add lsb-release build dep.
  * Drop changes that no longer make a functional difference in Ubuntu, but may
    still be relevant to send to Debian:
    - d/squid3.postinst: don't try to stop squid3 again.
    - d/squid3.postrm: don't rm -f conffiles in purge.
    - Drop squid3 dependencies on ${shlib:Depends} and lsb-base.
    - Drop creation of /etc/squid.
  * Drop unnecessary changes:
    - Add executable bits to d/squid.preinst.
  * Drop changes relating to the upgrade path from prior to Xenial, so no
    longer required:
    - /var/spool/squid3 upgrade path handling.
    - Conffile upgrade path handling.
    - Remove redundant version-guarded restart code from squid postinst.
    - Clean up apparmor links for usr.sbin.squid3 on upgrade.
    - Attempt to migrate /var/log/squid3 -> /var/log/squid on upgrade.
    - Add Breaks on older ufw to fix upgrade path.
    - Use Breaks instead of Conflicts. Instead, drop the Conflicts/Replaces
      entirely (see below).
  * Drop security fixes: all included in 3.5.23 upstream.
  * Drop Conflicts/Replaces of squid against squid3. In Ubuntu, the migration
    happened in Xenial, so no upgrade path still requires this code. This
    reduces upgrade ordering difficulty.
  * Fix failing autopkgtests:
    - Adjust Python module dependencies.
    - Correctly handle the squid3 -> squid rename.
    - Adjust seddery for upstream test squid binary location.
  * Drop dependency on init-system-helpers. This was introduced in LP 1432683.
    Since we no longer ship an upstart job, it is no longer required.
  * Correct attribution and add explanatory note in d/NEWS.debian.

squid3 (3.5.23-1) unstable; urgency=high

  [ Amos Jeffries <email address hidden> ]
  * New Upstream Release (Closes: #793473, #822952)
    - Fixes security issue SQUID-2016:10 (CVE-2016-10003) (Closes: #848491)
    - Fixes security issue SQUID-2016:11 (CVE-2016-10002) (Closes: #848493)

  * debian/patches/
    - Remove patch included upstream

  * debian/tests/
    - Use package build-deps when testing so the make commands will work

squid3 (3.5.22-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  [ Amos Jeffries <email address hidden> ]
  * New Upstream Release

  * debian/patches
    - Add upstream patch to fix adaptation crashes

  * debian/{control, rules, squid.postinst}
    - Accept patch to remove setuid from pinger (Clo...


Changed in squid3 (Ubuntu):
status: Confirmed → Fix Released
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