Comment 0 for bug 368146

Petr Šplíchal (psss) wrote :

Binary package hint: sound-juicer

When trying to extract a CD without supplying the Artist name the
following error is displayed:

    Sound Juicer could not extract this CD.
    Reason: Failed to create output directory:
    Error creating directory: Permission denied

This message is quite confusing, as there is no problem with
permissions, just the missing Artist. Solution for this issue
could be to provide an "Uknown Artist" default value, or just omit
the Artist from the relative path to be used for the extraction.

Similarly when neither a Title or an Artist are specified, another
irrelevant message is displayed:

    Sound Juicer could not extract this CD.
    Reason: Could not open resource for reading.

    Sound Juicer could not extract this CD.
    Reason: Error starting ripping pipeline

Steps to reproduce:

1. Preferences -> Folder hiearchy -> Artist, Title
2. Insert an audio CD
3. Blank the Artist text box (or Title as well)
4. Hit the [Extract] button

sound-juicer version: 2.26.1-0ubuntu1