Comment 0 for bug 1842489


Canonical support is about to offer SOSCleaner project for UA customer who wants to obfuscate sensible data from an existing sosreport tarball such as user, hostname, network information obfuscation.

Currently SOSCleaner relies on what sosreport offers which is "lastlog", which currently report all user regardless of their UID.

Unfortunately, this generate a lot of false positives inside SOSCleaner especially for user in the UID range 0-999 (e.g.'sys', 'bin', 'syslog', and much more)

I have submitted a PR in sosreport upstream in order to split lastlog output by UID ranges, in order to help SOSCleaner to obfuscate what we really want to obfuscate and ignore the rest.

Once approved upstream, I'd like to push that change in E/D/B/X in order to unblock the development of the tool "SOSCleaner" which unfortunately won't land in the archive for now, will be offered in a Private PPA. Note that the plan is for the package to eventually land in the Ubuntu archive in the near future.


* Install sosreport
 - sosreport -a
* Install soscleaner
 - soscleaner /tmp/sosreport-<TARBALL>
* Make sure only user in the 1000-6000 UID range are obfuscated.

- None, cause sosreport will still collect the entire lastlog, we are not removing that behaviour, we simply add an alternative which is not excessively costly for typical systems.