Comment 7 for bug 1138121

@Ma Xiaojun
Of course we won't name the region to "Taiwan, which is an independent country" ; )
But however "a province of China" is obviously INCORRECT from the FACTS (refer the "Bug Description"), which this bug report emphasizes about.

"Taiwan" is (mostly) fine for both neutral, "not to be political", and CORRECTNESS view.
And "Taiwan R.O.C." is for the ultimate correctness(though may not be "their correct" for other countries... and even Taiwanese theyselvesXD)

No matter the list in software-sources is "country name" or "region name", it is incorrect and thus needed to be fix.

@David Planella
As Cheng-Chia Tseng's comment in #5, there is no problem in the zh_TW translation(which already fixed to "台灣(Taiwan)" or "中華民國(Taiwan R.O.C.)") but in the original string.
There are many zh_TW users who prefer to use en_US locale instead and certainly will be affected by this bug. As the Chinese idiom "掩耳盜鈴(cover your own ears to steal a jingling bell)", cheating users by simply change the translation is not enough and is not a fix nor workaround.
Do we really need to stick to the "so-called upstream" and ignore any patch that is helpful to prevent discrimination on part of the users?

@Howard Chan
Libre software shouldn't be controlled by government, even which is sponsor or not, and shouldn't be a reason.
Refer the "Bug Description", I can't travel to HongKong without a visa(or pass), so sad ; )