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Cant in mine, can only choose which to use as primary (which i did, with no
Problem is tho, this is not very user friendly. A normal desktop user does
not know what a bios is, nor how to to stuff in it.
Also he/she usually does not know how to manually install nvidia drivers.
I dont think forcing users to frickle in their bios (whats the plural of
bios? biose, biosi, bioses?) is the way to go, since how should one know to
do this?
Normal user only sees "no nvidia drivers available" or does not even know
there are any and just experiences poor performance and not working games
resulting in an unhappy user.

On Tue, Jan 7, 2014 at 10:52 AM, Alberto Milone <
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> @dan: in that case you should really disable the Intel GPU from the
> BIOS. Some BIOSes do it automatically, some require manual intervention
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> Does not show nvidia driver if intel card is active
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