Comment 5 for bug 885708

Alessandro Menti (elgaton) wrote :

Sorry for the delay - I have not received the notification that a new message was left here.

@devta: Your sources.list file looks good. You said you're connected via Wifi only; that seems strange, since Wifi connections should be detected by NetworkManager (thus, the Internet connection status reported by that component should be truthful). Could you please answer these questions, so that we're able to determine where the bug is in a more precise way?
1) Does the bug happen every time or at random (perhaps in an area with low signal, only when the installation takes a long time to download the packages...)?
2) Try connecting to a different Wifi network, if possible. Does the bug happen even in that situation?
3) Try to change your sources.list file: replace all occurrences of "" with "". This will make apt-get use another mirror, just to make sure that no mirror problem is causing this situation. Then, run "sudo apt-get update" and try installing some packages.
4) Finally, if the problem still persists, could you please:
-tell me if, when the error occurs, you are able to navigate to "" and "" with your Web browser, and
-open <> and gather the information described there, attaching it to this bug report?

Thanks for your input - if you have any problems just reply here, I'll be glad to help you.