Activity log for bug #860810

Date Who What changed Old value New value Message
2011-09-27 18:51:01 Gary Lasker bug added bug
2011-09-27 18:51:56 Gary Lasker attachment added Screenshot illustrating the empty installed view with a cleared search bar
2011-09-27 18:52:42 Gary Lasker software-center (Ubuntu): status New In Progress
2011-09-27 18:52:46 Gary Lasker software-center (Ubuntu): importance Undecided Medium
2011-09-27 18:52:49 Gary Lasker software-center (Ubuntu): assignee Gary Lasker (gary-lasker)
2011-09-27 18:52:56 Gary Lasker branch linked lp:~gary-lasker/software-center/installedview-search-fixes
2011-09-27 19:36:26 Gary Lasker software-center (Ubuntu): status In Progress Fix Committed
2011-09-27 19:37:34 Launchpad Janitor branch linked lp:software-center
2011-09-29 05:53:03 Launchpad Janitor software-center (Ubuntu): status Fix Committed Fix Released
2011-09-29 06:15:44 Launchpad Janitor branch linked lp:ubuntu/software-center