Comment 6 for bug 765389

Gary Lasker (gary-lasker) wrote :

Hi Aaron and Martin! So, I have to admit that I had the same (mis)understanding of the "opinion" status as Aaron, so I also appreciate Martin's clarification. In any case, the solution to the general problem described in the original bug 670403 is still very much in flux; clearly we will need to refine it based on feedback and user testing of what we have now. I expect that this will be an ongoing discussion for Oneiric and so for me Aaron's comments in this bug are a part of that discussion.

Regarding the specific issue that you highlighted in this report, that was a side-effect of the implementation of the original design (for various reasons the implementation of this feature has morphed quite a bit over the course of the Natty cycle). It was a TODO of mine to take care of this and your bug report gave me the excuse to do it now. I'm very glad for that as I think it's a very nice improvement indeed.

Many thanks!