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Binary package hint: software-center

The following things where left untranslated when i compiled a web version of the help files.
It seams to relate to line breaks in the original files that are not in the POT.

"If you are familiar with reporting bugs in software, you can help out by reporting the problem to the Ubuntu developers. Most programs have a <guimenuitem>Report a Problem</guimenuitem> item in their <guimenu>Help</guimenu> menu."

"In the <guilabel>Get Software</guilabel> section, find the thing you want to install. If you already know its name, try typing the name in the search field. Or try searching for the type of program you want (like “spreadsheet”). Otherwise, browse the list of departments."

"To install something with Ubuntu Software Center, you need administrator access and a working Internet connection. (If you set up Ubuntu on this computer yourself, you have administrator access automatically.)"

"For most programs, once they are installed, you can launch them from the Applications menu. (Utilities for changing settings may appear inside System → Preferences or System → Administration instead)."

"To find out where to launch a new program, navigate to the screen for that program in Ubuntu Software Center, if it is not still being displayed. The menu location should be displayed on that screen, below the colored bar."

"Some items, such as media playback or Web browser plugins, do not appear in the menus. They are used automatically when Ubuntu needs them. For a Web browser plugin, you may need to close the browser and reopen it before the plugin will be used."

"To remove software, you need administrator access. (If you set up Ubuntu on this computer yourself, you have administrator access automatically.)"

"Select the item in the list, and choose Remove. You may need to enter your Ubuntu password."

"If a program is open when you remove it, usually it will stay open even after it is removed. As soon as you close it, it will no longer be available."

"Sometimes if you try to remove one item, Ubuntu Software Center will warn you that other items will be removed too. There are two main reasons this happens."

"Multiple applications are sometimes provided as a single package. If any of them are installed, all of them are installed. And if any of them are removed, all of them are removed. Ubuntu Software Center cannot remove them individually, because it has no instructions on how to separate them."

"You can use the Main Menu settings to hide unwanted items without removing them from the computer. In Ubuntu, you can find Main Menu inside System → Preferences. In Ubuntu Netbook Edition, it is in Settings → Preferences."

"Customizing the menu bar"

"Some of the software available for Ubuntu is maintained by Canonical. Canonical engineers ensure that security fixes and other critical updates are provided for these programs."

"Other software is maintained by the Ubuntu developer community. Any updates are provided on a best-effort basis."

"To pay for commercial software, you need an Internet connection, and an Ubuntu Single Sign On account or Launchpad account. If you do not have an account, Ubuntu Software Center will help you register one."

"If you accidentally removed software that you purchased, and you want it back, choose File → Reinstall Previous Purchases."

"First, check that View → All Software is selected."

Other then that it seamed to work :/

It may save time to fix bug 723244 at the same time as this bug.

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Gabor Kelemen (kelemeng) wrote :

I have played with this a bit.
This is currently the da.po file used to build the translated s-c help in Oneiric:

This contains 16 untranslated strings, although it is completely translated in LP:

The HTML build of this version is here:
No surprise, it has untranslated strings.

Now, if I ask for a new export, it contains all the strings translated, HTML build (using `python build && yelp-build html -o help/ll help/ll`) of that is here:
No untranslated strings, as far as I see.

As another example the Hungarian po file is not even present in bzr (along with some other languages). But with a fresh export, no untranslated strings here, as expected:

So I think there is nothing wrong with the help translation build toolchain in s-c, therefore this bug and #723244 is invalid.
The problem may be only that the po files are not fresh enough, see bug #869935 about that.

The po files and the exported tarball are here for reference:

Gabor Kelemen (kelemeng)
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