Comment 4 for bug 560086

Kiwinote (kiwinote) wrote :

Hi everyone. Must have missed this one yesterday. I was indeed meaning "[ ☗ 〉 Accessories 〉 7zip ]" like mpt describes above, with ☗ being a grayscale home icon. I would also do the same for the partners view "[ ☗ 〉 Adobe Reader 9 ]" and the installed software view "[ ☗ 〉 GDebi Package Installer]". This would solve the problem of having two 'buttons' on the screen simultaneously with the same text but different behaviour (see original description). On second thoughts, it may be that this specific solution introduces a new issue, namely that users expect the ☗ icon, in for instance the installed software screen, to bring them to the home screen of the get software section. Then perhaps instead of the generic ☗ icon we would need to use the icons as used by the individual items in the sidebar. The question then is whether these icons would imply 'home of this section' to the users. They probably would when the pathbar is extended, ie "[ ⴲ 〉 GDebi Package Installer]", but perhaps not in the non-extended state, ie "[ ⴲ ]" (where ⴲ is the icon of the section as used in the side bar). This would also imply using coloured icons on the pathbar, which may or may not be desirable.

Just found the other bug mpt was talking about: bug #433838.