Comment 7 for bug 529529

Gary Lasker (gary-lasker) wrote :

Hi Mark! Thanks for finding this one, I just checked this myself and it is indeed a new problem in Maverick Alpha 3. Thanks especially for the excellent details in your comment, and for taking the time to make the screenshots as they tell the story perfectly!

I wonder if you wouldn't mind actually opening a new bug for this? The reason is that this is really a different error case from the original one from this bug, which had to do with install/remove buttons being inactivated in the applist view itself. The bug you've uncovered is in the appdetailsview (and as you point out, the applist view case still works correctly).

In the new bug, just copy and paste your comment #6, which is perfect, and attach your screenshot to the new bug. Sorry to make you do more work. I'm also happy to open the new bug if you prefer, but I figured you'd want to be the reporter since you found it. Just let me know if you'd prefer I do it.

Thanks again! And please continue to report any other problems or issues you encounter with Software Center. Your help is much appreciated!