Comment 2 for bug 1044107

Gary Lasker (gary-lasker) wrote :

Hi Scott, the simple reason to do it this way is that in the client we can detect with certainty that the installation was a result of a recommendation. On the server side we'd have to infer this, and since any recommendations that are of good quality will be things that a person might naturally find/install on their own (because they are, in theory, already "interested" in such an app ), there seems at least a chance that the install was not the direct result of a recommendation but instead a search, or through navigating a category, or a recommendation from a friend/coworker, etc. The goal here is that we really want to know for certain that the person has discovered the app via one of the recommendations displayed in the UI.

I hope that answers it sufficiently. Let me know if you'd like any more/other info.

And thanks!