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Bug #1213736 reported by Götz Christ on 2013-08-18
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smplayer (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

Changelog since 0.8.3:

Version 0.8.6

 * Add option Help->Donate.

 * Add option to show or hide the resolution info in the skingui.

 * Don't report about new version if installed version is newer.

 * Set the layout of the control widgets to left to right even when
   using a right to left language.

 * Another fix for finding subtitles. Sometimes it doesn't return any
   result with 2 items in the search but it does with 1.
   Workaround: use 3 items... Seems to work in all cases.

 * Read the script from the file ytsig.script in the smplayer config
 * Ask the user to update the youtube code when an unknown signature is

 * Youtube: now the signature decrypt function is written in script code
   instead of C++.

 * Add a workaround for a problem with opensubtitles.org. Sometimes it
   returns no subtitles when a query with only one search is performed.

 * Youtube fix.
 * Don't show the "youtube browser" entry in the menu and toolbar if
   smplayer has been compiled without support for youtube.

 * Youtube fix.

 * Be sure the main window is visible when another instance requests to
   open a file.

 * Youtube fix.

 * Add an "updates" section in preferences, where the user can configure
   the update checker.

 * Ignore -fontconfig and -nofontconfig in the additional options if using

 * Youtube fix.
 * Youtube improvements.

 * Check for infinite recursion in favorites.

 * Bugfix. The list of subtitles found at opensubtitles was not deleted, so
   the list of subtitles wrongly displayed subtitles for previous searches.

 * A new icon has been added for the mplayer error dialog.

 * Bugfix in the skingui. In fullscreen mode, the menubar would appear if the
   mouse was near of the top of the video area. Now it shows only if the mouse
   is near of the top of the main window.
 * Display a wait cursor during the creation of the preferences and properties

 * Save/restore the window state.

 * Add an option for command line: -delete-config.
   This option deletes the smplayer configuration files.
   The files which are deleted are: smplayer.ini, smplayer_files.ini,
   styles.ass and all files in the subdirectory file_settings.

 * (Experimental) Download the subtitles from opensubtitles.org in gzip
   format instead of zip. The quazip library is not needed anymore.

 * Bugfix: check for the skin in the user dir before falling back to the
   default gui.

 * (Windows) Read and write text to mplayer as utf8.
   Hopefully this will fix loading of external subtitles if the
   filename contains non latin characters.

 * (Skingui) Add a label to display the resolution of the video.

Version 0.8.5

 * The volume slider in the skingui now updates the volume while the
   slider is been moved.

 * Add the Malay translation, by abuyop (transifex).

 * Compile without USE_FONTCONFIG_OPTIONS in linux to prevent the
   -fontconfig problem when using mplayer2.

 * Add an option to enter url(s) in the playlist.

 * The SkinGUI is now the default gui.
 * If the SkinGUI is selected, a check is done on startup to see if the
   skin theme is installed. If not found, the default gui will be used.
 * New command line option: -skingui

 * The option "Move the window when the video area is dragged" is
   now disabled by default because it has some issues that need to
   be fixed.

 * Connect to opensubtitles.org using xmlrpc instead of using the
   simplexml method, which it seems it's not working well and that causes
   that smplayer couldn't find subtitles. This fixes the problem.

 * Add two new options for Audio -> Stereo mode: Mono and Reverse.

 * The size actions work even the autoresize is set to never.
 * Set the resize method to never as default.

Version 0.8.4

 * Change the default value for file and stream cache to 2048.

 * Add the option "Pressing the stop button once resets the time position"
   in preferences -> interface -> seeking.

 * (Testing) Now smplayer checks for updates automatically.
   On startup it connects to the smplayer web to know if there's a new
   version available and in that case the user gets a notification.
   The check is only done once per week, and it can be totally disabled
   by setting "enabled=false" in the [update_checker] section in smplayer.ini.

 * Add the checkbox "Move the window when the video area is dragged"
   in preferences -> interface.

 * Add an option in the help menu to show a first steps guide.

 * (Windows) Fix: now all key shortcuts should work when using the
   floating control.

 * Hopefully fix bug 3605753 (stay-on-top-while-playing not
   working after fullscreen).

 * Add a submenu to the help menu, to share smplayer with your friends.
 * Add support for encoding ISO-8859-16 for subtitles.

 * Copy the content of the clipboard, if it looks like a url, to
   the open url input field.

 * Now it's possible to set the fps for external subtitles.

 * Change the default value of the OSD to "subtitles only".
 * Change the default value of "allow frame drop" to false.

 * Add the Thai translation

 * Add the Hebrew translaton

 * Add an option to enable the video equalizer by software in the
   video equalizer window.

 * The video equalizer dialog has been rewritten.

 * Add a confirmation dialog to delete the list of recent files.

 * Add bik and smk to the list of video extensions.
 * Add aac and dts to the list of audio extensions.

 * Add mts to the list of video extensions.

 * Ignore other mouse events if the window is been moved by dragging
   the video area.


Adolfo Jayme (fitojb) on 2013-08-19
Changed in smplayer (Ubuntu):
status: New → Triaged
importance: Undecided → Wishlist
Adolfo Jayme (fitojb) on 2014-01-11
Changed in smplayer (Ubuntu):
status: Triaged → Fix Released
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