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moe jette (jette1) wrote :

The file is always created to have read/execute permission for the owner.
Here is an excerpt of the code from
_make_batch_script(batch_job_launch_msg_t *msg, char *path)
in src/slurmd/slurmstepd/mgr.c:

        if (chown(script, (uid_t) msg->uid, (gid_t) -1) < 0) {
                error("chown(%s): %m", path);
                goto error;

        if (chmod(script, 0500) < 0) {
                error("chmod: %m");

Is your slurmd daemon running as user root or the person running the job?
Are your uid numbers consistent across the cluster?
Take a look in the slurmd log file (located at
"scontrol show config | grep SlurmdLog").