Comment 35 for bug 1734856

Thanks for sorting out the Artful test already bssrikanth.

To be clear (the comments by kalshett are unclear to me at least. You need to test Xenial/Zesty/Artful HOSTS. The fix is in the slof package that is installed in the KVM host.
It actually doesn't even matter which level of guest you start, but you have to do it on the host release you verify.

From my POV verification-needed-xenial was only removed by "you" (=bugproxy) but not yet set to be done (or anything else) and the commends are unclear to me :-/.
I'll fix that up to have it as -needed again.

TL;DR: Yes it is needed for Xenial and Zesty as well.

Once Xenial and Zesty are done as well, then also set the global verification-done to be complete.