slocate doesnt include updatedb.conf

Bug #190400 reported by Assid on 2008-02-09
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slocate (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

Binary package hint: slocate

it seems the default packages for slocate doesnt include updatedb.conf
Please update the package to include this. This affects all fresh installs of hardy (not migrated from gutsy)

Download full text (5.8 KiB)

No updatedb.conf for me also.

a2ps.cfg defoma hostname modules resolvconf
a2ps-site.cfg deluser.conf hosts modutils resolv.conf
acpi depmod.d hosts.allow motd rmt
adduser.conf devfs hosts.deny motd.tail rpc
adjtime dhcp3 hp mtab samba
aliases dictionaries-common init.d mysql sane.d
alternatives discover.conf initramfs-tools nanorc scim
anacrontab discover.conf-2.6 inputrc netscsid.conf screenrc
apm discover.d iproute2 network scrollkeeper.conf
apparmor dm issue NetworkManager securetty
apparmor.d doc-base networks security
apport dpkg kde3 nsswitch.conf services
apt e2fsck.conf kderc openoffice sgml
at.deny emacs kde-user-profile opt shadow
avahi enscript.cfg kernel-img.conf pam.conf shadow-
bash.bashrc environment keys pam.d shells
bash_completion esound ksysguarddrc pango skel
bash_completion.d event.d kubuntu-default-settings papersize sound
belocs fdmount.conf laptop-mode passwd ssh
bindresvport.blacklist firefox ldap passwd- ssl fonts pcmcia sudoers foomatic perl sysctl.conf
bluetooth fstab pm syslog.conf fuse.conf lftp.conf pnm2ppa.conf terminfo
bonobo-activation gai.conf libao.conf PolicyKit thunderbird
brlapi.key gamin libpaper.d popularity-contest.conf timezone
brltty gconf locale.alias power ucf.conf
brltty.conf gdm localtime ppp udev
calendar gimp logcheck profile uniconf.conf
chatscripts gnome login.defs profile.d update-manager


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