Comment 3 for bug 592254

Not only is it different/inconsistent in Ubuntu [Linux OS] , I'v looked at other image editors/photo managers in other platforms , but none of them name the "Flip Horizontal" option as "Mirror" :

Further, some editors have an effect called "Mirror effect" :
Which can be even more confusing.

Additionally , mirroring an image doesnt specify the direction. [default gnome config is to not have any icons in the menu, so the flip direction will not be clear]
As you can see from the above mirror effects , the mirror effect can be either horizontal or vertical.
To make it clearer it needs to named "Mirror Horizontal" , still an odd name.

It is not clear what the benefit is in using the current shortened name"Mirror".
We are not saving the menu width by shortening the name , even if the option is moved to the edit menu , "Revert to original" is longer.And in the current "Photos" menu there are atleast 4 options which are longer.

It is better if the option was named "Flip Horizontal" , which almost every end-user will be able to associate with quicker.