Comment 0 for bug 1811901

dann frazier (dannf) wrote :

After working around LP: #1811722, I hit another bug that causes shim to crash. Backtrace (w/ manually decoded function names):

Synchronous Exception at 0x00000000B81D71E8
PC 0x0000B81D71E8 strcmpa
PC 0x0000B816DF14 strcmp
PC 0x0000B81751D4 strcmp
PC 0x0000B817582C OBJ_bsearch_ex_
PC 0x0000B81759EC OBJ_create
PC 0x0000B8161B9C verify_eku
PC 0x0000B8161F74 check_db_cert_in_ram
PC 0x0000B81622BC check_db_cert
PC 0x0000B8162EC4 check_whitelist
PC 0x0000B8164988 verify_buffer
PC 0x0000B8165534 handle_image
PC 0x0000B8167190 start_image
PC 0x0000B81672DC init_grub
PC 0x0000B81683FC efi_main
PC 0x0000B8161030 _start
PC 0x0000BF4C7C78 (0x0000BF4C1000+0x00006C78) [ 1] DxeCore.dll