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Bug #1927078: Don't allow useradd to use fully numeric names Low New 6 days

From: William Wilson
Link: lp1927078_fully_numeric.debdiff

Disallow Fully Numeric Patch

Bug #1880768: usermod/userdel errantly believe user has running processes Undecided Confirmed 56 weeks

From: Kevin Blackham
Link: namespace.patch

patch from upstream

Bug #1537394: /etc/login.defs has Unicode apostrophe in comments Low Triaged 283 weeks

From: Kevin Cole
Link: login.defs.patch

Changed "\u00b4" to "'"

Bug #347540: user's home directory labeled incorrectly when created with useradd Undecided New 639 weeks

From: Marshall Miller
Link: fedora11-shadow-utils-selinux.patch


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