Comment 0 for bug 1144703

Redsandro (redsandro) wrote :

1) Mount a (bunch of) LUKS encrypted 'devices' in Nautilus or Nemo.
2) In the password dialogs, choose to "Remember the password forever"
3) Open seahorse
4) All added keys are nameless and indistinguishable.
5) Show the properties of such a key, and notice how the "description" is also empty.
6) With python-gnomekeyring, the discription is not empty, rather something like:
        "Unlock password for: username@hostname"
7) Add a description and close seahorse.
8) Open seahorse, and notice how the description is still empty.
9) With python-gnomekeyring, the description has changed to whatever you changed it to.

Seahorse 3.6.2 here.

Python example:

#!/usr/bin/env python

import gnomekeyring as gk

keyring = 'login'
keyItems = gk.list_item_ids_sync(keyring)

for keyItem in keyItems:
 key = gk.item_get_info_sync(keyring, keyItem)
 # Just for testing
 if key.get_secret() == 'your_password':
  print "Key ID:", key
  print "\tDescription:", key.get_display_name()
  print "\tPassword :", key.get_secret()