gutsy/amd64: ftbfs / autopkgtest failure

Bug #128218 reported by Ian Jackson on 2007-07-25
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scim (Ubuntu)

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 affects /ubuntu/scim

An instance of autopkgtest (an automatic package testing system) has
found that this package either failed to build from source - or that
it declared some tests in its debian/tests/control and that at least
one of these tests failed.

A human has briefly looked at the transcript and concluded that the
fault is a bug in the package or one of its build-dependencies.

The test environment is an amd64 Xen guest with limited amounts of
memory. The relevant dependencies are installed for each test but
very few other packages.

The top and bottom of the mail sent by the autopkgtest instance to its
administrator is included below. The full log can be found at

| Test executed for: gutsy source scim
| Outcome: erroneous package!
| blame: arg:tmp/scim/src/scim_1.4.6-1ubuntu3.dsc dsc:scim
| badpkg: rules build failed with exit code 2
| quitting: erroneous package: rules build failed with exit code 2
| erroneous package!
| /dev/mem: mmap: Bad address
| Updating font configuration of fontconfig...
| Cleaning up category cid..
| Cleaning up category truetype..
| Cleaning up category type1..
| Updating category type1..
| Updating category truetype..
| Updating category cid..
| I: Purging /etc/pango/pango.modules
| Cleaning up font configuration of pango...
| Updating font configuration of pango...
| Cleaning up category xfont..
| Updating category xfont..
| adt-run: trace: $ dsc0-build: sh -ec <SCRIPT> x /root/adt-downtmp/dsc0-build/tmpdir /root/adt-downtmp/dsc0-build/scim-1.4.6
| + TMPDIR=/root/adt-downtmp/dsc0-build/tmpdir
| + rm -rf -- /root/adt-downtmp/dsc0-build/tmpdir
| + export TMPDIR
| + su adtxenu -c mkdir -- "$TMPDIR"
| + cd /root/adt-downtmp/dsc0-build/scim-1.4.6
| + dpkg-checkbuilddeps
| + su adtxenu -c debian/rules build
| dh_testdir
| dpatch apply-all
| applying patch 10_gtk-immodule-install-dir to ./ ... ok.
| applying patch 90_relibtoolize to ./ ... ok.
| applying patch 20_scim_config to ./ ... ok.
| applying patch 99_ia32_hack to ./ ... ok.
| applying patch kubuntu_01_hide_in_kde to ./ ... ok.
| # fix timestamp skews, note this is still quite hackish and depends on
| # which files the 90_relibtoolize patch touches
| touch -r aclocal.m4
| # put information about applied patches in the stamp file
| dpatch cat-all -nd >patch-stamp
| dh_testdir
| # link config.{guess,sub} from autotools-dev package
| ln -s /usr/share/misc/config.guess config.guess
| ln: creating symbolic link `config.guess' to `/usr/share/misc/config.guess': File exists
| make: *** [configure-stamp] Error 1
| blame: arg:tmp/scim/src/scim_1.4.6-1ubuntu3.dsc dsc:scim
| badpkg: rules build failed with exit code 2
| adt-run: erroneous package: rules build failed with exit code 2
| adt-run: trace: ** stop
| adt-run: trace: ** close, scratch=tb-scratch~/root/adt-downtmp:-/|/root/adt-downtmp/!
| ++++++ RESULTS erroneous package! ++++++
| ++++++ bundling ++++++
| ++++++ uploading ++++++
| ++++++ contacting maintainer_email_override ++++++
| ++++++ tested. ++++++
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Ming Hua (minghua) wrote :

I believe this is fixed in gutsy now, as 1.4.7-1 (as well as Ubuntu's 1.4.7-1ubuntu1) is using "ln -sf" instead of "ln -s" in debian/rules now.

Changed in scim:
status: New → Fix Released
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